The Exact Skincare Routine You Need, Based on Your Skin Type

Walk down the skincare aisle at any drugstore, Sephora, or department store and you'll see that choosing the right product is complicated enough. That is, without having to think about the specifics of your type of skin. Choose the wrong product and your skin can't function at its best.

Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group explains, “Basic skin types to consider when evaluating your skin are: dry, sensitive, and acne prone. Of course there are variations of these types, but this is a great place to start when looking for the right products. At the very least, focus on finding a great cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.” In addition to tips from dermatologists, I chatted with knowledgeable editors and celebrity estheticians to find out the beauty routine that really works for each specific need. To say this is detailed is an understatement: Keep scrolling for every product you need, based on your skin type.

Dr. Rachel Nazarian has seen her fair share of dry skin. She explains, “This skin type tends to look dull, lacking the glow that healthy skin exudes. Most people find that no matter how much coconut oil they slather on, their skin drinks it up and is still left feeling tight. The key is to use products that promote a functional skin barrier and prevent what dermatologists call trans-epidermal water loss-or hydration leaving the skin.”

Nazarian recommends, “Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser ($10) which is not a soap and will remove impurities and dirt (even makeup!) from skin without stripping the moisture barrier. Scrubs and foaming cleansers are not recommended for this skin type. Follow-up with Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Gel-Cream ($18), which contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that can hold many times its weight in water and will help maintain moisture within the skin.”

My skin tends to run dry and the best product to remedy that is Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing CreamВ ($15). It provides all-day moisture and boasts barrier-strengthening properties for very dry, irritatedВ skin. In fact, 97% of women (tested during a Siberian winter) sang its praises. How's that for effective? Follow it up with Clinique's Moisture Surge Sleep MaskВ ($34).

Nazarian adds, “As a sunscreen, apply La Roche-Posay'sВ Anthelios Cooling Water LotionВ ($36), which applies like water with a hydrating lotion base so it can protect from broad-spectrum UVA/UVB radiation without drying out skin.”В

For the all-natural option, I turned to Byrdie's associate editor, Victoria Hoff, who boasts an extensive knowledge of really effective, totally organic products. She suggests Using May Lindstrom's The Problem Solver Mask ($90) followed by The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm Concentrate ($160).

Faith Xue, Byrdie's editorial director, gave me the lowdown on how to best take care of oily skin. It's important to find a good oil cleanser, sulfate-free cleanser, toner, brightening serum, and light moisturizer. Xue explains, "I was never into oil cleansers until I realized I just wasn't using the right ones. My current favorites are BareMineralsВ Oil Obsessed Cleansing OilВ ($30), Tom Ford's Cleansing OilВ ($80), and Recipe's Rose Petal Cleansing OilВ ($17)-it has real rose petals floating around in the bottle, and using it makes you feel like you're simultaneously inhaling a bouquet of roses. I like cleansing oils because they gently remove my makeup and leave my skin feeling softly cleansed-never dry or tight. I realized over the years that my skin was oily because it was overcompensating for all the harsh acidic and sulfate-filled cleansers I was using; oil-cleansing has been my solution."В

She continued, "Ever since becoming a beauty editor and just becoming more knowledgeable about skincare in general, I never let anything with sulfates touch my face-they're simply too harsh and drying, and my oily skin will freak out and get even oilier by midday. I always follow my oil cleanser with a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser, like Sulwhasoo's Gentle Foaming CleanserВ ($31) or Consonant's Foaming Face WashВ ($22). Don't be fooled-though both of these have the word 'foaming' in their name, which usually means they contain harsh detergents, they're actually incredibly gentle. Consonant's version is made mostly with aloe and uses a coconut oil-derived surfectant to cleanse without stripping. This step usually removes any leftover makeup, and my skin always feels soft and balanced. RenГ©e Rouleau's Mint Cleansing GelВ ($37) is another one that's always on rotation (also natural and sulfate-free).

After cleansing, Xue says a good toner is essential in her skincare regimen, especially for anyone with skin that's oily. "I like S.W. Basics' TonerВ ($22) because it contains apple cider vinegar and witch hazel, both of which balance an oiliness. Pixi's Glow TonicВ ($15) is another favorite of mine-it's made with 5% glycolic acid, so it actually gently exfoliates while it balances your skin's pH.

"Oily skin often comes with another set of issues: uneven skin tone. To keep my complexion smooth, I use a serum that contains either fruit acids or lactic acids-two acids that very gently smooth roughness over time (I like Renee Rouleau'sВ BHA Clarifying Serum,В $48, which also works when I'm breaking out). For a more even tone overall, I always lean toward brightening serums that also have anti-aging properties, like Algenist's Genius White Brightening EssenceВ ($115).В

"Jennifer Aniston's dermatologist,В Dr. Zein Obagi, believesВ moisturizer is completely unnecessary. I don't know if I'm completely on that train yet, but I do believe that a moisturizer should be light and preferably dimethicone-free (or have it toward the end of the ingredients list). This silicone gives your skincare products that slippery, luxurious feeling, but doesn't actually serve any skin-benefiting purpose-and can actually clog up your pores if used in excess. I like light moisturizers like Algenist's Genius White Brightening Moisture SoftenerВ ($48), which feels almost like straight liquid-I pat it onto my face like I would an essence and skip any moisturizer afterwards. On days when I want something a bit more hydrating, I like Cremorlab'sВ Triple Bright White BloomВ ($72) or Tula'sВ Probiotic Hydrating Day & Night CreamВ ($52)."

"This group needs to choose their products most carefully, because overly aggressive products can rapidly inflame and irritate your delicate skin. To cleanse, stick with the classic Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty BarВ ($9), which is always unscented-people with sensitive skin should avoid harsh, perfumed cleansers. Next, apply VanicreamВ ($12). This product has been around for a while and is a fantastic drugstore find! It's an emollient based, ceramide-rich lotion that absorbs quickly into skin and moisturizers without any additives: no perfumes, no lanolin, no parabens, no formaldehyde. It's even gluten-free. Lastly, follow-up with a sunscreen that's geared toward calming the redness and irritation that you may regularly endure: Elta MD UV ClearВ ($30) is a great choice. The SPF 46 sunscreen has the broad-spectrum UV coverage that's recommended but also includes high-purity niacinamide for neutralizing redness and inflammations."

Lindsey Metrus, Byrdie's associate editor, usually finds toners to be too drying or irritating for her sensitive skin. But InstaNatural'sВ Morrocan Rose WaterВ ($14) has been the solution to all her problems: "The smell isВ heavenly,В and it's all natural, so I feel like I'm really treating my skin with care each time I use it. It also hydrates while it removes my makeup-a win-win."

She adds, "At first, I was afraid Murad'sВ Essential-C Day MoistureВ ($60) would make my skin super red and give it that tingly sensation (not the good kind), but turns out it's very gentle and delivers immediate results-my skin always glows when I use it. Plus, it's heavy enough where it really hydrates the dry areas, but it's not greasy, so it doesn't cause me to break out. I can't get enough of it."

"The key to making combination skin happy," says Byrdie's associate features editor Amanda Montell, “is to strike that delicate balance between keeping it adequately moisturized without overloading it with pore-clogging oils. I used to be a cleansing oil junkie, until I realized they were not good for my pores, so now I'm all about simple cream cleansers like Acure'sВ Sensitive Facial CleanserВ ($10). The gentle, sulfate-free formula doesn't strip my skin of moisture or leave my skin feeling greased-up either. It may not be as showy as a foaming or oil cleanser, but it cleans my face without freaking out my skin, and that's really all that matters.В

In terms of balancing, Montell knows that harsh astringents and alcohol-laden toners aren't the answer for combination skin. So, after cleansing, she uses Erborian's Eau Ginseng ($39). “It's a nourishing lotion with a light, watery texture and is formulated with ginseng, which hydrates and refreshes the skin. I pat this into my skin with my fingers and always feel instantly glowier.”

"Glycolic acid is a must for the combo gal's nighttime skincare routine. It chemically nixes of the cell buildup that leads to clogged pores and blemishes, and it's also an anti-aging mainstay. At my facialist's recommendation, I like to use RenГ©e Rouleau'sВ AHA Smoothing Serum 10%В ($42) three nights in a row each week. The relatively low 10% concentration is what I'm most comfortable using on my skin, butВ you can check out our helpful guide to using acid serums to learn moreВ about what percentage might be right for yours."

"A lightweight, hydrating, no-frills moisturizer like Kiehl'sВ Ultra Facial CreamВ ($48) is the way to go for combination skin. Heavy oils and night creams will clog your pores, but going moisturizer-free is definitely not the answer. This cream sits happily in the middle. It has nourishing plant extracts and hydrating ingredients like squalene but a lightweight texture. It leaves skin feeling moisturized and protected but not oily.”В

If you don't want to make a huge commitment (and you're not totally sure if "combination" is the proper diagnosis for your skin type), senior editor Deven Hopp suggests trying a trial-size collection like Sonya Dakar Skin's Beauty Box Clarifying Detox System ($85). "It has everything you need for oily-combinationВ skin: a good balancing serum, a spot treatment, and a gentle cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer. It's much kinder to your skin than the aggressively anti-oil treatments out there."

"These products are the easiest to find," Nazarian says, "because the labeling is typically clear that it contains ingredients with acne-fighting properties." But it can be confusing to know which ones are best.

Nazarian instructs, "Wash your skin using a cleanser with anti-bacterial ingredients to help minimize breakouts, such as PanOxyl Acne Foaming WashВ ($10) which contains acne-fighting 10% benzoyl peroxide. A moisturizer, like all products for acne-affected people, needs to be labeled as non-comedogenic-which means it won't clog your pores. Aveeno makes a good product called Active Naturals Clear Complexion Daily MoisturizerВ ($7), which is non-comedogenic, oil-free, and contains salicylic acid (another great ingredient for clearing blackheads and whiteheads and preventing future breakouts).В Acne-prone skin tends to be slightly oilier, and Cetaphil's Dermacontrol MoisturizerВ ($14) has an SPF 30 sunscreen but goes on matte and helps control oil without triggering pimples."

I've also had really great results from VMV Hypoallergenics Id Anti-Acne Oil-Free LotionВ ($30), as it's a light, hydrating lotion that controls acne while exfoliating and moisturizing well enough to smooth rough patches of skin-all without clogging pores or adding shine. Another lightweight option is Belif's Hydra Sebum Control EssenceВ ($42). It infuses refreshing hydration into your skin upon application, then instantly transforms into a matte finish to minimize oil and shine. The essence is clinically tested to decrease surface sebum by 20% and is formulated with green clay and tangerine peel-natural ingredients known to refine skin texture and minimize the appearance of pores.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream $15ShopMay Lindstrom The Problem Solver $90ShopMay Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon $160ShopLe Metier de Beaute Ultimate Hydrator $225ShopAlgenist Genius White Concentrated Brightening Essence $115ShopBareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil $30ShopPixi Glow Tonic $15ShopRenГ©e Rouleau Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel $37ShopSulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam $36ShopTom Ford Cleansing Oil $80ShopInstaNatural Moroccan Rose Water $13ShopMurad Essential-C Day Moisture $60ShopDove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar $9ShopKiehl's Ultra Facial Cream $28ShopErborian Eau Ginseng $39ShopAcure Sensitive Facial Cleanser $9ShopRenГ©e Rouleau AHA Smoothing Serum $42ShopClinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion $16ShopAveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer $7ShopEpionce Lytic Gel Cleanser $36Shop

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