8 Little-Known Beauty Products Models Swear By

Models might not need makeup to turn heads (see: the whole perfect bone structure thing), but we still look to them for beauty wisdom because 1) they get to work with some of the best in the business, and 2) they're models. Plus, some of them know about under-the-radar products we mere mortals have yet to try (looking at you, Anja Rubik). In the spirit of sharing the (beauty) wealth, we've gathered eight little-known skincare and makeup finds models like Kate Moss and Anna Ewers swear by. Keep scrolling to see them all!

Face-Lifting Serum

Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum $29Shop

WHO: Kate Moss

WHAT: Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum ($29)

WHY: Kate Moss told Grazia that she switches to face oils during the colder temps and calls on her go-to facialist, Nicholas Joss, to give her a lymphatic facial massage, using this amazing serum. “It's like getting a natural face-lift!” she says.

Multitasking Lip Balm

Lucas' Papaw Ointment $10Shop

WHO: Kate King

WHAT: Lucas' Papaw Ointment ($10)

WHY: The Dolce & Gabbana muse and model says she always carries around this do-it-all balm, which she describes as “an Australian ChapStick.”

Budge-Free Eyeliner

Inglot AMC Eyeliner $12Shop

WHO: Anja Rubik

WHAT: Inglot AMC Eyeliner ($12)

WHY: The queen of smoky eyes told us she adores this inky-black pencil because it's “really, really black” and “doesn't move, but washes off when you want it to.”

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Dry-Skin Savior

Blue Lizard Pure Australian Sorbolene Cream $16Shop

WHO: Lara Bingle

WHAT: Blue Lizard Pure Australian Sorbolene Cream ($16)

WHY: When we interviewed the model and personality about the beauty secrets Australian women swear by, she mentioned this calming moisturizer, which is made in Australia and can be used to heal dry, cracked, or scaly skin.

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No-Frills Cleansing Water

Bioderma Cleansing Water $13Shop

WHO: Anna Ewers

WHAT: Bioderma Cleansing Water ($13)

WHY: Model and Alexander Wang muse Anna Ewers told us she keeps her beauty routine simple, but never leaves the house without this makeup-removing product.

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Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Karin Herzog Additional Sweet Cream $55Shop

WHO: Molly Sims

WHAT: Karin Herzog Additional Sweet Cream ($55)

WHY: “I'm addicted to Karin Herzog's Additional Sweet Cream ($55), and they have a Vita-a-Kombi oil ($55) that is amazing,” Sims tells us.

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Organic Eye Cream

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Care Eye CrГЁme $65Shop

WHO: Lindsey Wixson

WHAT: Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Care

WHY: Wixson told she's a major fan of Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Care products, a line recommended to her by Rose-Marie Swift, the founder of RMS Beauty.

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All-Natural Mask

Pratima Sandalwood Rose Mask $40Shop

WHO: Lindsay Ellingson

WHAT: Pratima Sandalwood Rose Mask ($40)

WHY: Our lovely guest editor raves about this natural, nutrient-mask to “help purify and calm” skin.

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