This New Tool Is Changing the Haircutting Game

The Neo Traditionalist

We all want gorgeous, voluminous locks, but sometimes that feels like a far-off fantasy. No matter which creams and styling products we use, sometimes those roots just aren't getting lifted. The main issue here, however, is the type of cut you have, because let's face it-having a blunt cut that's all one length (not to mention long) just won't get that volume and lift you're looking for. Enter: the Calligraph, a "pen" that cuts hair at a 21- to 23-degree angle, enlarging the tip surface by almost 300%. Talk about body and volume! To get more information on this revolutionary tool, we spoke with hairstylist RenГ©e Szczecinski OfВ Avanti Day ResortВ in New Jersey.

"A fewВ weeks ago, I had the honor of being introduced to hair guru Frank BrormannВ (creator of the Calligraph). The movement and fullness received from the calligraphy pen cannot be achieved with a shear. It's truly amazing! As of right now, my salon (Avanti Day Resort), along with three others, are the only four salons in the United States certified by Frank himself to offer this service!" saysВ Szczecinski.

While the service may only be offered at a few select salons at the moment, Szczecinski says it's sure to take over the entire hair industry soon: "The birth of the calligraphy pen was a breath of fresh air to me. It allowed me to deliver the haircuts my clients are accustomed to, with a funky new edge. My guests are just as excited as I am to have this service now offered to them!"

To finish off a super-edgy layered chop,В Szczecinski says she loves OribeВ Dry Texturizing SprayВ ($22). To get extra volume, she likes to spray the hair when it's flipped over, spraying a generous amount all over the strands. When the hair is flipped back over, Szczecinski says locks have "unbelievable volume with sexy texture, piecing out all the hair tips without looking wet or greasy like a pomade does." Count us in!

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