Rachelle Rowlings on the Beauty Lesson She's Telling Her Daughter

Chances are if you use Instagram, you've likely stumbled across Rachelle Rowlings' hilarious and beautifully honest profile. Basically, the mum of two (to her son, Roman and daughter, Rumer Rowlings) is acting as a trailblazer for mom's everywhere, pairing herВ curated grid (Rowlings does Ellery like no other) with refreshing captions that detail the perils of motherhood in a way that's unfiltered, upfront, and (for mothers everywhere) extremely refreshing. As we inch closer and closer to Mother's Day, we sat down asked Rachelle to share the way her perception of beauty has changed since becoming a mum and the beauty lessons she hopes to pass down to her little ones (oh-and her ultimate Mother's Day wish list, because a girl can dream).В

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How has your perspective on beauty changed since you became a mum of two beautiful babies?

I was always thought I had to be tanned, eyebrows freshly tinted, nails, and lashes are done. That, to me, was beauty. And it took me a while to become accustomed to a new lifestyle where my children take priority over myself. I barely have time to put deodorant on let alone apply makeup these days, so beauty for me now is about my children being able to kiss and cuddle my face without being covered in makeup. It's about waking up and feeling good without having to do anything. Believe me, it's not always the case, but I'm getting there!

And what about your beauty routine? How is it different now to what it was pre-babies?

I have never been great at skin routines or makeup. I still have to get my makeup done if I'm going out. Mainly because Roman ate half my makeup and also because I have no clue. However, before babies, I definitely made time for facials and Omnilux treatments. Now I just try and wash my face every morning with Dermalogica (especially after suffering from dermatitis while pregnant with Rumer). Sometimes I just try and steam my face from the shower! That's a Mom's life!

What's one beauty lesson you hope to pass down to your daughter?

To always wear sunscreen!

What'sВ your dream Mother's Day beauty wish list?В

I'd love a facial (mainly just to lay down for longer than 35 seconds), or at least a top-up of one of my favorite skincare brands, Go-To. Maybe my own Omnilux machine for the spare room would be nice-I can dream, right? More realistically, I'd like a lifetime supply of Moogoo Edible Lip BalmВ ($5).В

What five products do you swear by for those days you are wearing makeup?

I love Mac Lipstick inВ SiaВ (Discontinued) for a lush red lip, ChantecailleВ Just Skin ($74) for foundation, Dermalogica Ultracalming SerumВ ($60), Oribe Gold Lust Hair OilВ ($38), and Nars Blush ($30), in Orgasm.

What's the best advice you have for other new Mums this Mother's Day?В В

Believe in yourself. And don't worry if you don't have time for makeup and a hair wash. That's just temporary. Savor every moment, even if it's difficult. It goes so fast!В

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