This High Ponytail Is a Technique Every Curly-Haired Girl Should Know


Without question, the curls Rihanna has rocked in the past are flawless, but the secret to those perfectly defined ringlets may actually lie in that front-loaded ponytail. It turns out that in addition to being Yet Another Thing Rihanna Has Made Cool, this hairstyle is actually a killer technique for keeping curls defined and frizz-free.

Pineapple-ing gets its name from the obvious likeness to a certain fruit, and involves tying your ringlets up as close to your hairline as possible. And while RiRi obviously has no problem donning the look for day, it's actually most effective on wet strands at night. Stylist Eladia Lebron tells PopSugar that when we sleep directly on our curls, pillows tend to absorb a lot of the hair's natural moisture and oils-which in turn causes a lot of frizz and lack of definition (not to mention the friction when we move, which also causes frizz). Choosing a satin pillowcase over cotton can help remedy this somewhat-we love BeautyZZZ's Natural Silk Pillowcase ($47), FWIW-but a surefire way to ensure your curls stay intact is to loosely gather them into a ponytail on top of your head after wetting your hair. That way, even if you switch from side to back to stomach-sleeping, your locks aren't disturbed-and when you remove the ponytail in the morning, voil–ď ! Cascading curls.

Given how finicky curls tend to be, we're kind of loving the fact that the only "effort" in this hack involves sleeping. Right?