This New Treatment Makes Under-Eye Bags Completely Disappear

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Whether you're a micro-needling mavenВ or a whiz with a concealer brush, if you were born with stubbornly puffy eyes, you likely have a go-to method for waking them up as much as possible. And yet,В even though diminishing those under-eye bags is doableВ with a certain amount of savvy, eliminating them completely is aВ frustratingly near-impossible feat-the Everest of skincare if you will.В

But for those willing to eliminate their bags by any measure short of going under the knife, there's a new option to consider. On the heels of the Kylie Jenner-inspired filler craze,В a certain injectable is starting to be touted by some doctors as a solution not only for a plumper pout but for wide-awake, puff-free eyes as well.

Volbella has earned clout among cosmetic derms as a go-to lip solution, thanks to its natural-looking results. But it's rapidly becoming a go-to for eliminating under-eye bags as well, says Dr. Stafford Broumand of NYC's 740 Park Plastic Surgery, due to a signature compositionВ that sets it apart from other fillers. "The crosslinking technology is what makes Volbella different," he tells us. "The Vycross technology allows the filler to last longer and give a smoother look. Volbella also does not absorb water. When some fillers absorb water, this can result in more swelling and a less natural look."

So whyВ does it work especially well on under-eye bags? Broumand says that by treating the problem comprehensively-both on the superficial layers of the skin and more deeply-Volbella's results last longer than other options on the market. And for women who are hoping to finally erase surface-level exhaustion from their face, this could be the perfect answer.

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