Glow Recipe Just Launched a New Watermelon Product, and It's So Good

Faith Xue

In case you thought it was just another (manic) Monday, here's some scintillating news: Glow Recipe just launched a brand-new watermelon product. Fans of the brand's Watermelon Overnight Mask, Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer, and Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask will be pleased to know there's a sister product to add to your rotation in the form of a watermelon candy-scented face mist-an Ultra-Fine Mist, if you will. The name distinction is important, because this isn't your average face mist. Nay, the mist is so light, so fine-so ultra-fine-that spritzing it makes you feel like you're catching the lightest spray wafting in from a watermelon waterfall (which, honestly, should be a scene if they ever make a Willy Wonka 2). In Korea, these types of face mists are called “fog mists" because, well, they feel like fog on your face. If you've ever spritzed a face mist only to be hit in the face with globs of liquid and left spluttering or gasping, this face mist wants to help you get over your past trauma. Make sure you hold down the nozzle all the way for a long, satisfying fog effect-you'll thank me when you try it.

Spritz-ability aside, the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist is also made with a dewy skin-inducing formula consisting of 84% watermelon, hyaluronic acid, hibiscus flower, AHAs, and more botanicals. You can use it throughout the day to refresh your skin, swap it in as a makeshift hydrating toner, or even use it in your makeup routine (for example: try wetting your eye shadow brush with this mist to amp up the color payoff of your favorite eye shadows). The ingredients separate when you leave the product standing still, so make sure to give it a good shake before you spritz.

I've kept the mist at my desk and use it throughout the day to make sure my skin doesn't look as tired as I feel. Unlike other face sprays, it doesn't leave me looking greasy a few hours later-instead, my skin remains pleasantly dewy-looking until the next spray. Mostly,В I've been using it for an instant serotonin boost. It just smells so damn good-if happiness were a scent, it would be fresh watermelon-and misting my face with it makes meВ far happier than most inanimate objects are capable of (and that's saying a lot, coming from someone who once caressed her own cheek after applying highlighter and whispered, "My preciousssss").

A happiness-boosting, multi-use mist that also makes for cute pink desk dГ©cor? I'd add it to cart immediately if I were you.В В

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