Video Tutorial: The Reverse Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braids always look effortlessly cool and Гјberchic on celebs or the girls with perfect hair on Pinterest, but executing the style is a completely different story. When it's just you and your mirror at home, they often come out a little too Heidi or look just plain lumpy (not an adjective we prefer to use when describing our braids). But don't give up hope, because we found a solution-backward milkmaid braids. Stay with us here. Yes, the idea of braiding behind your head may sound more complicated than the standard method, but we're telling you it's not. Actually, we're showing you. With the help of the hair masters at Jen Atkin's website Mane Addicts, we put together a five-step tutorial for nailing the summer-ready look.

Check out the instructions belowВ and watch the video above to see how it's done!

1. Separate your hair into two equal sections, braid each one, and tie off your braids with small, clear elastics.

2. Grab one of your braids, flip it up, and pull it behind your head, following the natural curve of your scalp. Don't pull straight across-leave a little slack for it to lie naturally.

3. Tuck the tail of your braid (the ends) under so it hides behind the rest of your braid, and pin it in place. You can always readjust your bobby pins once you've got the placement of the braid right.

4. Repeat steps two and three on the other side. And be sure to pin both braids all the way across. Add as many pins as you need for it to feel secure.

5. Fix any falling pieces or out-of-place loops. Muss it up a bit to keep the style from looking too prim and perfect. And finish with a spritz of hair spray. We're using Wella's Stay Essential Finishing Spray ($16).

Will you try this braid? Tell us below! Or try thisВ faux fishtail ponytail!

Credits: Hair: Sascha Breuer,В Makeup: Jeffrey Baum,В Nails: Barbara Warner,В Model: Audre,В Videographer: Dave Lang,В Producer: Clique Studio with Mane Addicts