EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Conrad Shares Her Secret For Perfect, Wavy Hair

When we think about sun-kissed strands and bouncy Cali-girl waves, one name in particular comes to mind: Lauren Conrad. The master of effortless curls and sunny color, Conrad has teamed up with John Frieda for their new campaign, Keep Up With Your Blonde, which encourages blondes everywhere to be their best with proper hair care. She'll be blogging on the site and offering her tips and tricks for shiny, healthy blonde locks.

We got the chance to sit down with Conrad and ask her about her summer hair routine, the best hair advice she's ever gotten, and of course, just how exactly she gets those perfect waves. Lucky for us, she was more than willing to spill her secrets-and even told us the simple trick she uses to help her curls last longer!


Click through the slideshow above for Lauren Conrad's best summer hair tips!

What's your summer hair routine? And how do you switch things up for hotter, more humid months?

Conrad: In the summer, you don't have as much control over the elements-it's usually a bit more humid. I do the same thing with my hair as I do with my makeup: I go more natural. I'll usually sleep in a braid and add a few curls, then let it be. I think during the springtime, I tend to go for a more polished look, but summer is just a little more effortless.

What about your signature waves? We're dying to know how you create them!

Conrad: For everyday waves, I'll use a smaller barrel curling iron for more texture, or a larger barrel for a more bouncy look. I usually curl sections and pin each curl up with a clip, then spray with hairspray. Then, that's when I get dressed and do my makeup. After it cools, I'll let it out, touch up any curls, and spray one more time. For me, the key is allowing the curls to set-my hair doesn't hold curl very well, but if I set it, it will stay throughout the day. If I don't, then it's out by lunch!


Click here to see Conrad's step-by-step video tutorial for perfect everyday curls.

How do you keep your hair healthy and shiny?

Conrad: I think it's important to take days off. Whether it's pulling your hair into a low pony or a sleeker, easy hairstyle, it's good to not style your hair every day. I think-depending on your hair type-not washing your hair every day helps too, since you're taking away your hair's natural oils every time you shampoo. The one product I've been using is John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde ($6) shampoo and conditioner. It helps you maintain your blonde and keep it whiter and brighter between salon appointments.В

Your go-to summer hairdo-go!

Conrad: My go-to summer 'do-if my hair is a little longer-is usually a braid. This summer, it's been down and sort of waved. I'll braid it right after I get out of the shower, when my hair is damp. Or, I'll use a flat iron to create waves, since they're smoother and sleeker.

Last question-what's the best piece of hair advice you've ever gotten?

Conrad: I think it's to just take care of your hair. Even if you have a professional doing your hair, if they don't have a good head of hair to work with, there's not much they can do. So keeping your hair strong, taking vitamins, not over-processing, and keeping your color are all so important. In the end, I think it's just about maintain your hair and keeping it healthy!